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Nu doreste nimeni sa vorbeasca despre o asemenea crancena tragedie ?

postat de raileanu_lorela la 13 Ianuarie, 2011



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Krisumi Waterside Residence Corporation is a premier real estate developer in India. It is a joint venture between the Japan-based Sumitomo Corporation and the Gurugram-based Krishna Group. It aims to change the face of real estate industry with its commitment to quality, efficiency and timely delivery.

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Trezor Suite is a software application designed to streamline the user experience for managing cryptocurrency wallets and transactions. The suite offers various features, including improved navigation through a restructured guide, enhanced display of account public keys, and notifications for coinjoin candidate transactions. It also includes bug fixes and security enhancements, such as labeling for remembered hidden wallets and warnings for verifying addresses. The suite is part of the SatoshiLabs Group, which offers a range of products and services for secure cryptocurrency management

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